The founder is a veteran who has served in the Armed Forces for 28 years with honor and distinction & has a deep understanding of the importance of high-quality, reliable equipment in dangerous and challenging environments.

While on a trip with his son who’s following in his footsteps & is currently serving in the Armed Forces, they talked about their experiences in the army and the differences in operations and tactics from his time to his son’s.

He reminisced about his days in the field and the tactics that were used back then, how things were done manually, and how communication was limited to just a few basic devices. In midst of the discussion, he noticed how our forces had not evolved technologically in the last three decades in comparison to their global counterparts & realized that there’s still a gap in the market for advanced and economical tactical gear for the Indian Armed Forces & Law Enforcement Agencies. Also, he noticed that many adventure enthusiasts lacked the proper gear and equipment to ensure their safety while exploring the great outdoors.

This inspired him to use his military expertise & streamline it to provide advanced military equipment and tactical gear to both the military and adventure seekers. And so, he started researching and developing the idea, he reached out to experts in the field and worked tirelessly to bring the vision to life. “Born from passion, fueled by innovation, ‘Guerrilla’ Armour was launched!”

Guerrilla Armour is determined to create gears that are not only functional & reliable, but also stylish and innovative. We want, people to experience the thrill of adventure in a safe and comfortable way. The idea was appreciated by adventure enthusiasts and the community of Armed Forces.


Is to serve those in uniform on and off the battlefield. We strive to protect our warfighters by supplying the most trusted innovative gear, technology, software, knowledge and expertise. We are committed to supporting the ultimate mission of serving our forces by providing next-tier career opportunities to our veterans


D.S Tiwari

(Co Founder, Veteran, Mentor)

Chetna Kaushik





(Project & Strategy Head)




(Marketing Head)